Wednesday, November 24, 2010

For This I Say Thanks

Thank you for the mothers I serve in one of the most special times of their lives.

Thank you for the privilege of having homes opened to my heart and hands, and for friendships made and treasured forever.

Thank you for the awesome people I've been able to meet in my professional life. I know some of the best!

Thank you for the friends I have that enrich my life in so many ways. They share my heartaches, carry my burdens, make me laugh, and feed me when I'm hungry.

Thank you for letting me never go without.

Thank you for the unique joy of playing footsie with an unborn baby, then getting to look into their newborn eyes and saying, "Remember me?"

Thank you for my wonderful family who loves me perfectly, unconditionally, and forever.

Thank you for Truth, for the indisputable things that govern my life.

Thank you for joy that is present no matter my circumstances. Thank you for having my life run on deeper channels than the external happenings that surround it.

Thank You for being my Friend.


  1. Wow. Beautiful.
    Thank YOU, for being my friend! And I thought I was just getting someone to fold my underwear!

    I praise God for you!

    Love Jules

  2. aww..brought tears, thank you for being such a special part of my life. You have truly become more than a best friend..your like family.

  3. Thank you for commenting, my dear friends! Love you!!