Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Excitement Begins!

The last 1.5 months have been a blur of babies, business, classes, errands, prenatals, family gatherings, music, special events, making arrangements for upcoming special events, Christmas preparations....and...and...and! My calendar has looked like a mishmash of lines, notations, arrows, and codes.

But tonight, the last long weeks suddenly aren't weighing on me anymore. I'm finally getting to focus on what lies ahead. Christmas. My family. Baking and laughing and togetherness. Then, the adventure of a lifetime as I head to California on December 27. I'll be out there until Valentine's Day, having the blessing of assisting another midwife in her very busy practice. I hope to update this blog often, as well as my midwifery facebook page. I know there are so many new memories that will be made!

So I'll keep packing, wrapping presents, scratching the kitties under the chin, and sipping on my hot cider, while listening to the TV playing the Wizard of Oz in the background. This year my Christmas "tree" is a poinsettia, and it makes me smile. My decorations will only have been up a couple of days, but it's been worth it! Early Monday morning I'll wave goodbye to home, already looking forward to returning. Dorothy had it right...There's no place like home!


  1. We're gonna miss you for sure, but I'm excited that you have this unique opportunity! It'll be good for you to spend some time away. I pray this will be a refreshing time for you!

  2. aww...I love your tree..and I love you. I will miss you but I am glad for your new and exciting adventure.

  3. You write so well, daughter. I love you & I love how you love life. You are so patient & giving to others as you have had so much to fit into these last days. I'm thankful for this opportunity for you but I can't wait to have you safely home. For now, I look forward to Monday & giving you a big hug! I will cherish the days we have together as a family before you head out for your life long travel & explore the world. Hurry home! P.S. That is the best "tree" yet. : )

  4. Yes, please do post often! We are excited to share in this adventure with you! So happy for the opportunity that you've been given!!